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Sketch about   shadow of a childhood  headphones-small


even todays seven minutes sound piece belongs to the field of string sound investigation which started several years ago.

longstring voc  headphones-small


 friday, feb 6, on NRK (Norway) 9.03 pm

… having been nominated for  PRIX Italia 2007, broadcasted three times by Deutschlandradio Berlin in 2006 / 2007  now, coming friday at 9pm the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation ( NRK ) will broadcast Ola Moens and my electroacoustic work My father – the sea on their channel  NRK Klassisk. Our work has a duration about 43 minutes. you can listen to their net radio, just click  NRK Klassisk / nettradio. tune in !

link to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

… later in march even Deutschlandradio has announced to broadcast My father – The Sea again. I will remind you all.



Ola Moen / Wolfgang Peter Menzel in the Oslo studio in 2006

Release in English ( for curious people)