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Jos Smolders wrote: after 10 years of service to the community EARLabs has stopped as an online reviewing, publicity center. Jos Smolders, composer, mastering engineer and sound designer has decided to focus his attention to his own music and the mastering of music of others. the site will end as such sometimes under 2011.

now – five years after my net EP  “ELECTROVIRUS” was released by Jos on EARLabs as last release  in Laboratoire Moderne – I make it available again before it gets “lost” , together with the original cover photograph.

Virus 6:06

String pulse 5:59

Under flow 6:20

 Pacemaker 4:17

Nervous walk 1:58


this roof by architect leoh Ming Pei does the impression of an enlarged weaving which inspires me, using older pieces, to this one, the roof – floating up there …

the roof by leoh Ming Pei ⎣photograph by earwolf⎤ in Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin



photograph by earwolf


… when passing through the station, in spite of all the other sounds around, the underground railway suddenly turned into something else. the unknown accordion player made me stand by and record a couple of minutes. I heard nothing but his play of one of Bach’s fugues. then – I did not want to manipulate the sound in any way, it is as it is – the dirty sound changed into something completely poetic and artistic. it was just blowing me. hereby I want to honour all musicians making every day life still surprising.

photo by earwolf