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Presentation of my work at vision forum autumn 2011 at the

County Museum Linköping

sketch for FLIP CHART SHOW ( ART AS IDEA ) at Jr Konsthallen 2006

picture by Per Hüttner

   Vision Forum  is proud to announce its third international workshop with KSM in Norrköping and Linköping September 27-28, 2011. It is a packed program with participants from all over the world that will meet local players for inspiration and creation.This year’s meeting focuses on two main topics: What does artistic research imply and how does knowledge function in the artistic field? We will look at these questions with specific emphasis on the audience and audience participation.

We are very happy to develop the established collaborations in Norrköping and pleased to travel to Linköping to meet new institutions to work with. Below you will find a detailed program (subject to change).

We all look forward to welcoming you!


9.30-12 (Konstmuseet – the Art Museum)

* Introduction and Welcome – Per Hüttner, Mattias Åkesson, Anna Berglind and Kosta Economou.
* A newly produced video by Li Xiaofei, New York.
* Australian artist duo A Constructed World talk about their artistic practice and their project Speech and What Archive.
* Parisian curator Géraldine Longueville talks about the preparations for the project ‘L’entremet’that will take place on Capri in spring 2012..
* Filmmaker Jesper Frilund talks about the newly filmed project ‘Effektivia’.

12-13 Lunch

13-17 (Arbetets Museum)
* London-based artists Vanda Playford and Lisa Skuret will make a workshop based on the experiences from the project London Houses.
* Henrik Ferdfelt from Södertörns högskola will make a workshop about creativity and economy.

20.00 Program at Verkstad:

Installations/performance/music/presentations by Li Xiaofei, Linnea Hansander, Jonathan Lewald and Ebba och Cerefie.

SEPTEMBER 28 – Linköping

9-10 (Train Norrköping-Linköping)
* Isabel Löfgren will create an event that connects to the project ‘Ö’ – a travelling experience.

(10-12 Länsmuseet i Linköping)
* Lena Wiklund, regional consultant for visual arts in Östergötland presents her work.
* Presentation by Wolfgang Peter Menzel, artist

12-13 Lunch

(13-14.30 Passagen, Linköping)
* Zhang Guangjuan will show her exhibition.
* Discussions and conclusions

The program has been realized in collaboration with KSM at Linköpings Universitet and with kind support from Östsam.

For more information and press images contact Moa Hannerz Simå: verkstadkonst (at), or Per Hüttner, pah(at)

 acrylics on canvas / 92 x 48 / 2011 / Menzel ©


Venetian Despair Variation 4:19

… in september 2001 I started painting again caused by a private crisis. At that same time the terrible attack made me and all people around nearly speechless.  One was at the same place as before but reality and it´s perception turned into a kaleidoscopical way. During this time I made these paintings.

… and you can trust Bruce Willis / oil on wood / 2001 / © Wolfgang Peter Menzel

nine eleven at home / acrylics on canvas / 2001 / © Wolfgang Peter Menzel

INDEPENDENCE DAY / acrylics on canvas / 2001 / © Wolfgang Peter Menzel

The Trophy (Slobodan Milosevic captured ) / acrylics on canvas / 2002 / © Wolfgang Peter Menzel

This picture ( oil on board 90 x 90 )

was painted in the mid sixties. It shows a kind of chart / map which maybe can be seen as showing a part of the Podalida coast. More …

Oil on board    ©Wolfgang Peter Menzel