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partly shady / part of painting and photograph / acrylics, enamel / painting 150 x 150 cm / 2019




object / 16 x 5 x 2,5 / paper and yarn / 1991


This object starts my thoughts today, it has been alternately outdoor and indoor for nearly thirty years. Just a piece of paper and yarn, today it became more important than I could imagine.







blindhouse / digital photograph / Croatia / 2011




stream (underground) / 30 x 30 / collage / accrylics, print / 2018



By searching for pictures in front of a coming exhibition I remembered and found  this photograph from the 90´s, painted on with acrylic colours ; me, looking at myself.


no title / (part of) photograph and acrylis on photocanvas / 28 x 35 / 1991 (?)


hidden me 16.01.56




Will there be an angel passing through the scene ? / digital photograph / Venice 2019



Causality as a form of thinking has to be created by ourselves ( Joseph Beuys ).


More than a decade ago I recorded the soundfile and took the picture in the Berlin Underground railway. After all I think there might be a connection in time and space, from then to now, from there to here .  We asked ourselves about the truth in art and found out it has to be the material passing through one´s own senses and nerves ( Peter Weiss, Esthetics of resistance ) .




Eurovision / photograph, Croatia / sound from my earlier video Europe Transit



european window



digital photography + sound