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flash of lightning in the mountains / collage, enamel, pencil, graphic paper / 2019


flashof lightninginthemountains

Collage, 2017, ca. 25 x 25 cm





ohne Titel / pigment, water & Pencil on Canvas / 27 x 27 / 2018


ohne Titel

Sorry ! …. for eventual inconvenience or troubles for you, but – router problems have made it impossible to start the planned webcast … I am working on it and will be back later. Hope you will find other stuff here to listen to. Meanwhile I present another track instead:

BIG ESS  ( Deep Breath )


on march 2 / 3 / 4  I will webcast approximately four hours of my sound work from the last five years, in three days from midnight to midnight, so, there is a chance during those days to get acquainted with some of my different pieces, lasting from a minute up to half an hour. enjoy !

  short sample from podalida TIDES

translation from Swedish by WPM

OUT OF SILENCE will be shown at  Soma / Waterford / Ireland / January 19 – February 11 2012

The sound art pieces by  John Duncan, Sara Boothroyd, Richard Carr, Merran Laginestra,Antanas Kučinskas, Leo Bettinelli, Charlie Williams, Philip Julian, Jefferson Boss, Pedro Lopez, Robin Parmar, Marc Egea, Seth Guy , Ola Ståhl  and me has been released earlier this year at but even as a real double CD – available from . OUT OF SILENCE  is produced and curated by me and released by and .

Earlier this year OUT OF SILENCE has been part of Gorey Film and art festival.

Wolfgang Peter Menzel

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