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Cargo / wood, enamel, lead letters / 18 x 12 x 6 cm / 1995  / from an exhibition in Copenhagen, Verkstad gallery



work in progress


work in progress HEIMAT

Once upon a time …


Berlin Transit


experimental … , stone of the dome, 2017, 115 x 100, oil, acrylics, enamel, stone object



Yes it is me, still

photo: Fredric Ilmarson


Från Flygandets Poesi

Exhibition at Passagen Art Hall Lab / Linköping, Sweden  5 march – 6 april

Paintings and objects

( more paintings here )

PLab flygandets poesi mini




changing, (in)organic, mind blowing, impulsive . .. or … is this what it looks like ? “As a kid you are drawing very simple things: a wall, a house and inside a bed as big as the house itself. But that is a little bit what the rest of life is all about:  bed,  house,  wall … ” ( Swedish artist Jan Håfström)



… still building, in the morning / therefore unexpected size

building 4

unfinished ( building ) / size changing / acrylic / wood