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Eurovision / photograph, Croatia / sound from my earlier video Europe Transit



european window

concept för an exhibition [island] / 2014  ( as a memory for the late Rolf Julius  1939 – 2011 ) . The idea was changed later processing another form and a  different content, but not without affecting the foregoing.




video / 2014    ( 3:52 )




digital photography + sound

ö soundlogg

breathing water  1:02  (headphones strongly recommended)

photograph by WPM

dörr 1

… has been a while with a sound post, here it comes … ( in my opinion the picture fits quite well … )

the Belarus netlabel HAZE  has released Podalida Island.



painting, 60×50, oil and akryl on canvas

Sorry ! …. for eventual inconvenience or troubles for you, but – router problems have made it impossible to start the planned webcast … I am working on it and will be back later. Hope you will find other stuff here to listen to. Meanwhile I present another track instead:

BIG ESS  ( Deep Breath )