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life boat ( painted over several times ), even this painting has been painted over then, but is still existing under, in the third or fourth condition. So alike  many of my works, no repetition, restarts, corrections, changes /  85 x 120 cm /  oil, acrylics /  2013 – 2017












More than a decade ago I recorded the soundfile and took the picture in the Berlin Underground railway. After all I think there might be a connection in time and space, from then to now, from there to here .  We asked ourselves about the truth in art and found out it has to be the material passing through one´s own senses and nerves ( Peter Weiss, Esthetics of resistance ) .




sound experiment 2004, recorded in Nykvarnsparken / Linköping / Sweden, originally published and distributed by ( John Kannenberg ) .  The version on that site is about one hour. Here I schortened it down to 21:18 .


arches string

credit to the designer of the image on






  short sample from podalida TIDES

translation from Swedish by WPM

MY FATHER – THE SEA at Sonosphere is out now ! This Prix Italia nominated Sound Poem by Ola Eseth Moen and Wolfgang Peter Menzel, produced by the composers and Götz Naleppa / Marcus Gammel at Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin is now part of Sonosphere and (re)presented at  Musée Réattu in Arles / France.

OUT OF SILENCE will be shown at  Soma / Waterford / Ireland / January 19 – February 11 2012

The sound art pieces by  John Duncan, Sara Boothroyd, Richard Carr, Merran Laginestra,Antanas Kučinskas, Leo Bettinelli, Charlie Williams, Philip Julian, Jefferson Boss, Pedro Lopez, Robin Parmar, Marc Egea, Seth Guy , Ola Ståhl  and me has been released earlier this year at but even as a real double CD – available from . OUT OF SILENCE  is produced and curated by me and released by and .

Earlier this year OUT OF SILENCE has been part of Gorey Film and art festival.

Wolfgang Peter Menzel

for more information about this London-based sound dedicated gallery

escape from waiting 4:55

The  SOUNDING NOTHING project  (soundwork based on the work of Samuel Beckett ) is hereby announcing the submission deadline on aug 31th.

more information on this site ( scroll down ) or at ( calls of work )

for more information   wolfgang(at)bredband(dot)net

sounding nothing

submissions wanted / soundwork about Samuel Becketts work

the starting point

straight to the point: the music possibly imagined or, the other way round, the
imagination upcoming from the possible music which is an important content in
Samuel Becketts work.
those of you acquainted with the work, or at least part of it, know or feel the
tremendous musicality coming from there.
those of you busy with electronic / electroacoustic soundwork and know
at least part of Becketts work can surely imagine what I mean.
S.Becketts non-appearing and disappearing “world” of words is – to me – an attempt to
describe us as human beings in despair, without any answer why we are, here.
take this in a philosophical way if you like.

the soundwork

taking its starting point somewhere in Becketts work and later in your way of expression
with means of sound which should contain as few words as possible or none.
the soundwork should reflect somehow the lack of words.
this means (nearly) no lyrics, if possible, or lyrics about nothing
at the end I want to compilate your works on a net CD here on modisti, if the holders
would like to make this possible.

about the upcoming works

so far I have no idea about the pieces themselves or length
the basic idea you will find above – or not.
do not try to work with something you feel uncomfortable with.


give me a word, by mail, personally, so I can check the interest.
once again: this is not a usual call for works.
still not sure what this is about ?
read some of Samuel Becketts works, the lyrics, whatever.
when you are finished some time will have passed.
maybe I hear from you later.

deadlines / questions

no deadlines so far. I want to hear from you who are triggered by the idea.
let time pass and think about it during the coming months so that I can
start putting things together after summer.
you find me at modisti, on face book or on my site
take contact when you want to.
feel free to contact people you think could be interested

best regards / earwolf ⎣Wolfgang Peter Menzel⎤