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 blind windows / photograph & soundremix / 2020


I think it must be possible creating spatial representations by sounds.
























stalker´s house / 60 x 72 / oil on canva  //  + remixed sound Little Impro / 2020







extension – compression / sound sculpture  ( remixed sound from 2008 )












rough / two small electric piano pieces / 2005 / photograph 2020




from my studio






autosound   (headphones recommended)




life boat ( painted over several times ), even this painting has been painted over then, but is still existing under, in the third or fourth condition. So alike  many of my works, no repetition, restarts, corrections, changes /  85 x 120 cm /  oil, acrylics /  2013 – 2017












More than a decade ago I recorded the soundfile and took the picture in the Berlin Underground railway. After all I think there might be a connection in time and space, from then to now, from there to here .  We asked ourselves about the truth in art and found out it has to be the material passing through one´s own senses and nerves ( Peter Weiss, Esthetics of resistance ) .




sound experiment 2004, recorded in Nykvarnsparken / Linköping / Sweden, originally published and distributed by ( John Kannenberg ) .  The version on that site is about one hour. Here I schortened it down to 21:18 .


arches string

credit to the designer of the image on






  short sample from podalida TIDES

translation from Swedish by WPM

MY FATHER – THE SEA at Sonosphere is out now ! This Prix Italia nominated Sound Poem by Ola Eseth Moen and Wolfgang Peter Menzel, produced by the composers and Götz Naleppa / Marcus Gammel at Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin is now part of Sonosphere and (re)presented at  Musée Réattu in Arles / France.