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2009 started with the terryfying sound of another war:

protest with all means against it !

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drawing by Wolfgang Peter Menzel

… the Swedish parlament has definitely damaged democracy yesterday by rating the bill about wiretapping and the included possibilities for the government to listen to the Swedish citizens internet- and cellphone traffic without any indication of – in a political sense – criminal intentions.

… sorry for bothering you with this, but it was too important to me. if you will follow this issue – go to . / Earwolf

fom one of the largest Swedish newspapers, DAGENS NYHETER

… today people demonstrate against the law making it possible to wire tap the Swedes without being suspected as criminals (in Swedish). this bill is quite unique in Europes non-dictatory countries.

( picture below: silence – STILLE – in German on Braille, the blind peoples written characters ; photo by Earwolf)