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MY FATHER – THE SEA at Sonosphere is out now ! This Prix Italia nominated Sound Poem by Ola Eseth Moen and Wolfgang Peter Menzel, produced by the composers and Götz Naleppa / Marcus Gammel at Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin is now part of Sonosphere and (re)presented at  Musée Réattu in Arles / France.

MY FATHER – THE SEA  will be one of the sound art pieces presented by Deutschlandradio Berlin at the ” the worlds most important international electronic arts festival ” ISEA 2010 RUHR. Ola Moen and I feel very pleased and honoured by the choice made by Deutschlandradio. The piece – originally produced for broadcast, length nearly 44 minutes – will be presented on the old steamship OscarHuber on 28th august.

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Motala II Orlunda

short sample from the 29 min. piece ORLUNDA WAVES. Orlunda Radio Station is an old long wave radio station ner Vadstena, with the famous nuns monastery. three miles from there this radio church is still standing. my piece is about the radio station, with all equipment left but not broadcasting any more. this piece was broadcasted some years ago at Deutschlandradio Kultur/Berlin. pict: Earwolf.

My father the sea – soundex

more about this piece of radio art:

the norwegian premier performance took place in Oslo in Nov 2007

and the piece was nominated for the PRIX ITALIA by the

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation ( NRK ).


from the premier performance