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head / from the xhibition “Dance … ” / 30 x 30 / 2020













before the exhibition / nov 2021













Geoffrey Long´s stones / a project at Linköping`s cathedral / 1994 / sawed stones, photographs
Geoffrey Long, military artist sketching in Berlin 1945









coming exhibition / 2020 / cancelled because of corona restrictions / planned for 2021 instead
Graphic design: Sara Bjerkeby / photograph: Peter Menzel








statement / in front of an exhibition / oil on paper, digital text / 2020



















whale head in the gallery / 30 x 30 / acrylics, enamel, crayon, graphite  on paper / 2018


ogarderat / utställning / november – december 2019
unprotected / exhibition / Linköping, Sweden / Gallery Sander




[ Tillstånd ]  State & permission / a comment on my exhibition at Sander gallery Linköping

Since the mid sixties, I have worked with images.

In three years, I can celebrate 50 years as an artist.

No one is more surprised above this than myself.

For it is only in retrospect that things become clearer – some are

smaller now, others disappear, some have never happened

– the importance shows up when one continues.


My themes in all these years have been few, and eventually

only one: the poetic, the indeterminable, that which unapprovable

exists in the interstices, between the physical existence and

the ability to imagine the other.

This third, which – I think – is the biggest part of our lives;

that which we can try to rewrite, using the language’s infinite

veil, doing pictures or use eloquent silence.

The driving force is a search for the essence – an essence that

we know is something indeterminate at its core.

Every time I thought – now, now I know, and also what to do

it has eluded me again. It was rare that I succeeded in my intentions –

not this time, but next time, perhaps …

Go and see my paintings and drawings of the interstices

in their present shape.









Video/sound work from the 2006 exhibition STRANGERS at the County Museum Östergötland