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Flygandets poesi / poetry of flying.  This painting has been shown earlier, because of its importance for my work I show it again. 100 x 100 / oil, acrylics, enamel, wood and feather / 2013 . From the exhibition The poetry of flying at LAB / art hall Passagen in Linköping/Sweden, 2014.


5 flygandets poesi

Yes it is me, still

photo: Fredric Ilmarson


Från Flygandets Poesi

Exhibition at Passagen Art Hall Lab / Linköping, Sweden  5 march – 6 april

Paintings and objects

( more paintings here )

PLab flygandets poesi mini



FLYING TIMES  /  Mixed media /  33 x 39 x 15

untitled box

2 objects (part), one of the paintings in the flying (visual) poetry series, 100×100 each, acrylic, oil and mixed media on canvas

2 objekt mini