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surf the net – click on “telecompackage” ( telecompaket ) or look at this link :

Tim Berners-Lee about the net

very important these days when the european parlament is voting – on wednesday already …


translation: a Swede keeps his mouth shut, ” she / he didn´t talk about things” concerning the security of the officially neutral country ( poster from the second world war years when the Swedes were encouraged to be careful when talking to strangers) . SInce then the meaning of this phrase has changed to the more ironic ” a Swede do not oppose to anything, a Swede is loyal to the government and the state”.

FRA is the institution dealing with signal scouting for the safety of the Swedish state. this signal scouting will be used – in accordance to the suggested law – for all private mail and cell phone traffic without any specific suspicion against any person.

signal scouting 2

towards a quiet Swedisch society ? wouldn´t it be better for the Swedish government to listen to their own people instead of wire tapping them? probably the new law in the name of fight against terrorism will pass in the Swedish parlament on the 18th of June. REMEMBER HISTORY & LEARN FROM IT ( painting by Wolfgang Peter Menzel )

signal scouting

FRA om signalspaning ( to continue for Swedish readers)