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soundpiece for gaza headphones-small

black temples

drawing by Wolfgang Peter Menzel

… after the ceasefire in Gaza (BBC)

what happens next ? will the ceasefire last ….. or will the unreasonable elements on both sides in this ongoing war take over – again, and again ?

….. Israeli spokesman Mark Regev said Hamas’s military machine was taking “serious punishment” and that Israel was “advancing towards the end game” – BBC international is reporting.

please read this again ….,  “advancing towards the end game”. remember that the Nazis once called their killing of Jews all over Europe  ” the final solution” of the jewish problem …

7826968.stm  (BBC)


Peter Eisenmanns  Holocaust monument in Berlin
photo by Wolfgang Peter Menzel

7821646.stm headphones-small (BBC international)


picture by Wolfgang Peter Menzel

2009 started with the terryfying sound of another war:

protest with all means against it !

click on the following link (BBC)



drawing by Wolfgang Peter Menzel