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Ljud och tystnad. Vi bjuder på ljudkonst, filmljud, ambient music, tonsatt dikt mm. Ljud på olika sätt, skapat av elever och proffs.

Medverkande: Magnus Alexanderson, Wolfgang Peter Menzel, Fredrik Johansson, Per Arvidsson, Daniel Hertel, Sammy Dahlman, Anna Björn, Andréa Larzon, Olle Borg, Nick Selman, Jakob Arvidsson, Jenny Boquist, Ludvig Kyndel.

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cover flow ⎣5.33⎤

photograph by earwolf

noise ataraxis  headphones-small

orlundamonster invert 2

“bubbles and strings “, one of my compositions, has been included in the latest soundLab edition VI.

a short video I did some years ago,  now shown as a reminder in front of the coming new year.
TAKE CARE ! ( Seen that the BLACK ANGELS attacked again, this time in Palestine/Gaza ?)

stars and space headphones-small cc_admin


picture by Wolfgang Peter Menzel

sad sea

sound of a wind power stations propeller