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double II – no sculpture / digital photograph / 2020




double I – no painting / digital photograph / 2020



By searching for pictures in front of a coming exhibition I remembered and found  this photograph from the 90´s, painted on with acrylic colours ; me, looking at myself.


no title / (part of) photograph and acrylis on photocanvas / 28 x 35 / 1991 (?)


hidden me 16.01.56



DESIRE / digital photograph  (thanks to Hiroshi Sugimoto, photographer, and Norbert Schwontkowski, painter)







house of stars

breathing water  1:02  (headphones strongly recommended)

photograph by WPM

dörr 1

…with some help from Man Ray´s photography of Marcel Duchamp in circa 1923. This is part of a larger drawing.

 spiral arc   4:14

photo by earwolf

 BEHIND ⎡peedee variation 3⎦ /  4:47

photograph by earwolf