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closer / närmare, 2017, 100 x 100 cm, enamel, oil, acrylics


cemetery tales

no t / 100 x 100 cm / acrylics, oil, enamel / 2017



Yes it is me, still

photo: Fredric Ilmarson


Från Flygandets Poesi

… has been several attempts to do this picture, here is one as a memory of my visit in Petersburg/Helsinki and Raivola where she lived. Raivola is Russian now, in the wonderful Karelia. Edith Helsinki nights

Exhibition at Passagen Art Hall Lab / Linköping, Sweden  5 march – 6 april

Paintings and objects

( more paintings here )

PLab flygandets poesi mini



2 objects (part), one of the paintings in the flying (visual) poetry series, 100×100 each, acrylic, oil and mixed media on canvas

2 objekt mini

  short sample from podalida TIDES

translation from Swedish by WPM

ambient piano  1:44  [Wolfgang Peter Menzel]

Translation from Swedish by Wolfgang Peter Menzel

Marinetti ( f ) and war

back from the summervisit on the countryside one is faced directly by news about an ongoing war, this time in Georgia. so therefore this days sound presents my sampling of a text part by the Italian futurist Marinetti, poet, artist, art organizer, public relation talent, but also involved in the fascist movement in that times Italy.