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sorry but it is necessary to return to this issue. click on the picture and you will hear the Swedish parlament discussing the new law about wire tapping. tonight the Swedish parlament will make its decision.

fom one of the largest Swedish newspapers, DAGENS NYHETER

… today people demonstrate against the law making it possible to wire tap the Swedes without being suspected as criminals (in Swedish). this bill is quite unique in Europes non-dictatory countries.

( picture below: silence – STILLE – in German on Braille, the blind peoples written characters ; photo by Earwolf)

towards a quiet Swedisch society ? wouldn´t it be better for the Swedish government to listen to their own people instead of wire tapping them? probably the new law in the name of fight against terrorism will pass in the Swedish parlament on the 18th of June. REMEMBER HISTORY & LEARN FROM IT ( painting by Wolfgang Peter Menzel )

signal scouting

FRA om signalspaning ( to continue for Swedish readers)