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OUT OF SILENCE  reflections on the work of Samuel Beckett , double CD produced in collaboration with by, is presented at GAFF in Gorey, Ireland. I´d like to thank Richard Carr for his efforts to make it possible.The picture is taken by Kevin Curry. more

Samuel Becketts former house in France near Paris / sketch by earwolf

no sound within this post, the reason: just working with a CD containing 14 contributions to the Beckett theme. if you remember the call –  to create a sound work responding to one´s experience of Samuel Becketts work – you know what this is about ( you can have a look at the call which is closed now of course) .

the following artists will be represented :

Antanas Kucinskas

Charlie Williams

Jefferson Boss

John Duncan

Leo Bettinelli

Pedro Lopez / Merran Laginestra

Marc Egea Ger

Ola Ståhl

cheapmachines / Phil Julian

Richard Carr

Robin Parmar

Sarah Boothroyd

Seth Guy

I like to thank them all cordially ! earwolf