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Ljud och tystnad. Vi bjuder på ljudkonst, filmljud, ambient music, tonsatt dikt mm. Ljud på olika sätt, skapat av elever och proffs.

Medverkande: Magnus Alexanderson, Wolfgang Peter Menzel, Fredrik Johansson, Per Arvidsson, Daniel Hertel, Sammy Dahlman, Anna Björn, Andréa Larzon, Olle Borg, Nick Selman, Jakob Arvidsson, Jenny Boquist, Ludvig Kyndel.

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Everybody interested in the Beckett project – try to keep the deadline – please. It was set to the 31 august lately. If you cannot keep it, be kind, send a mail and tell me when you probably can make it. Remember – you can send email with your file or upload with WeTransfer or similar services. Problems ? Send a mail ( wolfgang(at)bredband(dot)net.

the first call for submissions

silence (video)

you may just look at the video (20 sec ) and listen to any sound in your environment …..

the book

picture: Wolfgang Peter Menzel

water & silence