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inside the wall   Image

breathing water  1:02  (headphones strongly recommended)

photograph by WPM

dörr 1


utställning på Galleri Kronan / Lilla Galleriet / Norrköping

utställningen innehåller visuella gestaltningar och ljudverket My Father – The Sea.

Välkomna på vernissagen den 23 februari kl 13 ! Utställningen pågår till den 10 mars.

recensionerna: Norrköpings Tidningar, Folkbladet Norrköping, , Östgöta Correspondenten

Kronan 2

Kronan 1

hemtrakter bild

the Belarus netlabel HAZE  has released Podalida Island.



painting, 60×50, oil and akryl on canvas

Sten Sandell is one of the most innovative musicians in Sweden since many years –  in respect for his couragous work I publish this painting based on the track “Vinterviken”  – together with Mattias Ståhl. Sandell`s latest is the triple album  Music Inside the Language  / for listening to Vinterviken go to KALEJDOSKOP, it is the second piece in this Swedish Radio Broadcast dated 22 february.

on march 2 / 3 / 4  I will webcast approximately four hours of my sound work from the last five years, in three days from midnight to midnight, so, there is a chance during those days to get acquainted with some of my different pieces, lasting from a minute up to half an hour. enjoy !

… wondering why somebody is listening to something from Podalida at the Rosedale Cemetery in LA in 10 minutes … must be for some very particular reason …

from google maps

  26:25  [earphones strongly recommended]

 hörspiel 4:25  (released earlier as sound sample, but I prefer to see this piece just as hörspiel (radio play). Originally a longer track on the BERLIN SOUNDTALES CD