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My father the sea ( authors: Ola Moen, Peter Menzel ) / soundwork / 2007
available even here: . I published this work before, several years ago. Because it only exists online, a CD has never been produced, I would like to repeat this post. Thank you all for your patience.









utställning på Galleri Kronan / Lilla Galleriet / Norrköping

utställningen innehåller visuella gestaltningar och ljudverket My Father – The Sea.

Välkomna på vernissagen den 23 februari kl 13 ! Utställningen pågår till den 10 mars.

recensionerna: Norrköpings Tidningar, Folkbladet Norrköping, , Östgöta Correspondenten

Kronan 2

Kronan 1

hemtrakter bild

MY FATHER – THE SEA at Sonosphere is out now ! This Prix Italia nominated Sound Poem by Ola Eseth Moen and Wolfgang Peter Menzel, produced by the composers and Götz Naleppa / Marcus Gammel at Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin is now part of Sonosphere and (re)presented at  Musée Réattu in Arles / France.