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You might be hypersensitive concerning high-pitched and sudden sounds, be careful please.


lucky day, almost / tar on paper / 35 x 35 / 2016







stream (underground) / 30 x 30 / collage / accrylics, print / 2018



Happening in a park – sitting on a bench / acrylics, oil / 100 x 100 cm / 2017



Eurovision / photograph, Croatia / sound from my earlier video Europe Transit



european window

BIG ESS / 30 x 30 / acrylics on paper / 2018


soundfile with the same name as the picture, length about 25 minutes.




sound experiment 2004, recorded in Nykvarnsparken / Linköping / Sweden, originally published and distributed by ( John Kannenberg ) .  The version on that site is about one hour. Here I schortened it down to 21:18 .


arches string

credit to the designer of the image on






Ljud och tystnad. Vi bjuder på ljudkonst, filmljud, ambient music, tonsatt dikt mm. Ljud på olika sätt, skapat av elever och proffs.

Medverkande: Magnus Alexanderson, Wolfgang Peter Menzel, Fredrik Johansson, Per Arvidsson, Daniel Hertel, Sammy Dahlman, Anna Björn, Andréa Larzon, Olle Borg, Nick Selman, Jakob Arvidsson, Jenny Boquist, Ludvig Kyndel.

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ice land headphones-small


picture by Wolfgang Peter Menzel


sad sea

from the really big sound project SOUNDTRANSIT at here you find hundreds of artists and thousands of sounds (field recordings). travel around the world with your ears only. this project is managed by Derek Holzer, Sara Kolster and Marc Boon. check the link in Dereks comment !