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… when passing through the station, in spite of all the other sounds around, the underground railway suddenly turned into something else. the unknown accordion player made me stand by and record a couple of minutes. I heard nothing but his play of one of Bach’s fugues. then – I did not want to manipulate the sound in any way, it is as it is – the dirty sound changed into something completely poetic and artistic. it was just blowing me. hereby I want to honour all musicians making every day life still surprising.

photo by earwolf

road to mima   ⎣3:34⎤

picture by earwolf

hotel room desaster headphones 2


picture by earwolf

 friday, feb 6, on NRK (Norway) 9.03 pm

… having been nominated for  PRIX Italia 2007, broadcasted three times by Deutschlandradio Berlin in 2006 / 2007  now, coming friday at 9pm the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation ( NRK ) will broadcast Ola Moens and my electroacoustic work My father – the sea on their channel  NRK Klassisk. Our work has a duration about 43 minutes. you can listen to their net radio, just click  NRK Klassisk / nettradio. tune in !

link to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

… later in march even Deutschlandradio has announced to broadcast My father – The Sea again. I will remind you all.



Ola Moen / Wolfgang Peter Menzel in the Oslo studio in 2006

Release in English ( for curious people)

7821646.stm headphones-small (BBC international)


picture by Wolfgang Peter Menzel

underground space (6:20)  headphones-small


photo by Wolfgang Peter Menzel

new soundbag at / Rolf Langebartels internet sound project 


Applause and rain ? (sound synomym)