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All dear – wish you a light and shiny summer and thanks cordially to all of you visiting this site !

sommar 15

… admitting that there has been low activity the last time I should tell that  1) summer more or less has arrived and the countryside is waiting and  2) I ´ve been busy with painting a lot. So, sound work has to wait for a little while.

The architect´s dream 40×80 cm/ acrylic on canvvas / 2011



“untitled” / painting/ acrylic / by Wolfgang Peter Menzel

summers final

stroke for summer

during the coming weeks I will be back only from time to time . hope you will have a good time. you will hear from me again more regularly within a couple of months.

drawing: Wolfgang Peter Menzel

… will be off some days for this insain Swedish midsummer party … back soon …


summertime (crickets)

this clip was published the first time by Aaron Ximm at