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Remember the island


















Isle of Podalida / 19 x 23 / acrylic on canvas / ca. 2012














podalida castle & antheme / 30 x 30 / acrylics on paper & sound excerpt / 2012 – 2019




Island of Podalida / 40 x 40 approximately / oil, acrylics on canvas / 201X ( with light blue mark for thought and my father)


podalida island the place

wood, oil, acrylic  / size 100 x 50 x 9,5

transformed landscape


ö soundlogg

breathing water  1:02  (headphones strongly recommended)

photograph by WPM

dörr 1

the Belarus netlabel HAZE  has released Podalida Island.


Sorry ! …. for eventual inconvenience or troubles for you, but – router problems have made it impossible to start the planned webcast … I am working on it and will be back later. Hope you will find other stuff here to listen to. Meanwhile I present another track instead:

BIG ESS  ( Deep Breath )


on march 2 / 3 / 4  I will webcast approximately four hours of my sound work from the last five years, in three days from midnight to midnight, so, there is a chance during those days to get acquainted with some of my different pieces, lasting from a minute up to half an hour. enjoy !