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This picture ( oil on board 90 x 90 )

was painted in the mid sixties. It shows a kind of chart / map which maybe can be seen as showing a part of the Podalida coast. More …

Oil on board    ©Wolfgang Peter Menzel

OUT OF SILENCE  reflections on the work of Samuel Beckett , double CD produced in collaboration with by, is presented at GAFF in Gorey, Ireland. I´d like to thank Richard Carr for his efforts to make it possible.The picture is taken by Kevin Curry. more





short introduction / ABOUT / to the podalida project

with permission by


















STRING DISORDER (new piece) on /project  (Wolfgang Peter Menzel´s site)

Throughout a nice compilation with no really weak pieces anyway ( Vitalweekly 776 ).


more at and

for sale  20 €  ( 2 CD, running time 1 h 40 m )   

1. send an email to: / include your postal address

2. you will get a pay pal account by mail

3. I will send the CD´s to your home address ( carriage included)

  short waves  1:25