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… has been a while with a sound post, here it comes … ( in my opinion the picture fits quite well … )

on march 2 / 3 / 4  I will webcast approximately four hours of my sound work from the last five years, in three days from midnight to midnight, so, there is a chance during those days to get acquainted with some of my different pieces, lasting from a minute up to half an hour. enjoy !

 4:41  and bells







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picture by google elements

 BEHIND ⎡peedee variation 3⎦ /  4:47

photograph by earwolf

 Berlin Insomnia / Berlin floor (excerpt)  3:48

self portrait as an artist by earwolf  (1998)


picture by earwolf



picture by  earwolf / Johnny Dalevall – Nordic Thermography

kaos[s]now    ⎣4:46⎤

photograph by earwolf