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vid US svv

picture by earwolf

amp manual variation headphones

sketch on skate by earwolf

sketch on skate by earwolf

hotel room desaster headphones 2


picture by earwolf

headphones 2J.S.B. Violent


Bach has left for a concert

picture by WolfgangPeter Menzel

wind & fire headphones-small

fackla 2

noise ataraxis  headphones-small

orlundamonster invert 2

Sketch about   shadow of a childhood  headphones-small


even todays seven minutes sound piece belongs to the field of string sound investigation which started several years ago.

longstring voc  headphones-small


stars and space headphones-small cc_admin


picture by Wolfgang Peter Menzel

december ( part 1 / 10:00) headphones-small


picture : Wolfgang Peter Menzel

…  for all those  (too) who  tried to link to the playlist the days before. the playlists post will come back soon when my router has been reestablished.


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