The most complete overview concerning my work ( sounds included ) you will find at . Thanks to all my visitors and  followers both to thesoundlogg and the podalida site. I apologize for not responding that much as you may wish, because I am busy,  but I assure you I appreciate each visit cordially.
painting, 100 x 100, oil, acrylics, enamel

1814 Sergels retirement


painting, 100 x 100, oil, acrylics, enamel

helter skelter

 Playground , 100 x 100 , acrylic and oil on canvas, 2015 ( for Torsten Andersson 1926 – 2009 )



The box and one more picture. The box contains 12 pictures with varying sizes, the box`size is 28 x 28 cm. 12 has a limited and signed edition of totally 12 copies and is for sale at a price of 540 US dollars, free delivery included.












ask logg


From the picture box “12”, with 12 smaller pictures following my work 2013

picture box


Mirror / painting / 2013 / acrylic on canvas / 100 x 100

You can see more paintings by clicking here .


time after all

Yes it is me, still

photo: Fredric Ilmarson


Från Flygandets Poesi

New paintings at

& exhibition

Affisch VB




Fashion Market (for Sarah Moon)


with help from some av Sarah Moons photographs


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