The most complete overview concerning my work ( sounds included ) you will find at . Thanks to all my visitors and  followers both to thesoundlogg and the podalida site. I apologize for not responding that much as you may wish, because I am busy,  but I assure you I appreciate each visit cordially.

New paintings at

(detail from an untitled painting)

web viken

Fashion Market (for Sarah Moon)


with help from some av Sarah Moons photographs

… some more new paintings here including this one , THE CLOUD, oil, acrylics on canvas, 100 x 100 cm.molnet / the cloud

… has been several attempts to do this picture, here is one as a memory of my visit in Petersburg/Helsinki and Raivola where she lived. Raivola is Russian now, in the wonderful Karelia. Edith Helsinki nights

house of stars

Exhibition at Passagen Art Hall Lab / Linköping, Sweden  5 march – 6 april

Paintings and objects

( more paintings here )

PLab flygandets poesi mini




changing, (in)organic, mind blowing, impulsive . .. or … is this what it looks like ? “As a kid you are drawing very simple things: a wall, a house and inside a bed as big as the house itself. But that is a little bit what the rest of life is all about:  bed,  house,  wall … ” ( Swedish artist Jan Håfström)



… still building, in the morning / therefore unexpected size

building 4

unfinished ( building ) / size changing / acrylic / wood



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