Archives for the month of: May, 2008

MacClassic morning

soundwork from an older computer, McClassic SE model  /  graphics below:  Earwolf

tangonight a one-minute-piece for radio, first released for time labs


thinking about Berlin and the sub I could not resist. thank you, Derek, for the reminder.

sound of a wind power stations propeller


from the really big sound project SOUNDTRANSIT at here you find hundreds of artists and thousands of sounds (field recordings). travel around the world with your ears only. this project is managed by Derek Holzer, Sara Kolster and Marc Boon. check the link in Dereks comment !

organic output

from the coming MIMA piece

doom strings

two releases at the norwegian fabulat site. longstring material and som recordings I still feel for, especially the EX TRASHEs stuff. maybe a little bit nostalgia. amazing that those two EPs are still available on the net. at that time I used the name Rumpelkammer.

the complete EP

pieces mostly based on string recordings. released at / LABORATOIRE MODERNE

non-object noise

sounds are themselves