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From time to time I will publish som sketches and other work from the old podalida site which do not exist any more. This year I will try to start a new site with my earlier works.


sketch (2012), 30 x 30 cm / pencil, ink


podalidamembran 2





Hey everyone !  I have shut down,  the site has been running for a long time since its start. Next year I am going to establish a new site instead. Sorry for causing trouble, sometimes things just have to change.


Undersökningskommission / acrylic on paper / 60 x 60 / 2017



The shoemaker’s boat – portrait of two fathers / oil, acrylics, enamel / 100 x 100 / 2017





DESIRE / digital photograph  (thanks to Hiroshi Sugimoto, photographer, and Norbert Schwontkowski, painter)







Eastern Sweden County Museum (30 x 30 cm each) / acrylics, enamel / 2017



Schatten von außen, Zeichen / Öl, Akryl, Lackfarbe / 100 x 100 / 2017



digital photography 2017  / sky, roof and horizontal lines





assembled media (acrylics, wall filler on paper ) 40x40cm , 2017


sv grafik stol

digital photography 2017