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When the paper was cut off under the former picture a winter landscape shows up. That happened to me yesterday in my studio. That insight reminds me of Thoreau, somehow.



family affair / drawing / pencil / 48 x 48 cm / 2016


family affair

Reclaim art / from the note book 31 / energy moves



Gold seed and armadillo, oil, enamel, acrylics on canvas, 100 x 100, 2017 (not finished)


Goldkeim und Gurteltier

Überleben, das ist alles , 100 x 100, oil, acrylics, enamel, 2017 ( to survive that´s all )


survival kit

Back on  the countryside I found this picture from last year. Futurum, 100 x 100 cm, oil, acrylics, enamel. What more is hidden in my workshop, I wonder.



A short essay on Lars Olof Loelds installation ” At the beach of a sundown silence is noticed” at Norrköpings konstmuseum / april – augusti 2017 , published on ( Swedish text ) / Photo: Wolfgang Peter Menzel


Loeld Norrköping

Big house / Stort hus, 2017 /  100 x 100 cm, acrylics, oil, enamel


…this picture has been in progress, it will be changed tomorrow …


100 x 100 cm, acrylics, oil, enamel









acrylics, oil, paper & enamel on canvas  /  100x 100 cm / 2016